SALE Metastock 17 Black Friday Sale 27 November 2020

The following offers are available Friday, November 29, 2019 from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm ONLY.* (Please note prices are in $US Dollars and AUD dollars)

Should I upgrade my Metastock 10 or 11?

You may have an earlier version of Metastock such as 10 or 11. You have been using for years and familiar with how it works. Understandably, there is a learning curve with any new version. However, for versions 10 and 11 they can no longer be installed on a new computer as the Metastock activation server has been deactivated. So if you need to move Version 10 or 11  to a new computer then you will need the upgrade.  Consider ordering the Metastock 17 Upgrade at this very special BLACK FRIDAY price of $99USD,  then you can  upgrade later when needed. Continue using your older version of Metastock till you are ready to upgrade or need to move to a new computer.

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Upgrade to MetaStock D/C 17 (End of Day)

  • Upgrade to MetaStock D/C 17 from v.16$199USD $99USD $135AUD + GST**
  • Upgrade to MetaStock D/C 17 from v.15 or earlier: $299USD $99USD $135AUD + GST**

IMPORTANT: Please note that Metastock US require a subscription to the DataLink annual maintenance and support service at US$10pa + GST. Details will be provided with Upgrade instructions how to register.

Save on first time purchase MetaStock 17

  • MetaStock D/C 17: $499 $299 USD  $410AUD +GST**
  • MetaStock R/T 17: $1395 $999 USD $1360AUD + GST**

Upgrade to MetaStock R/T 17 (Real Time)

  • Upgrade to MetaStock R/T 17 from v.16: $299 $199USD **
  • Upgrade to MetaStock R/T 17 from v.15 or earlier: $399 $199USD  $290AUD **

All new Metastock 17

The All NEW MetaStock 17 has the following features our clients have been asking for:

  • New QuoteCenter™ – Powerful and convenient list management tool
  • New OptionScope™ – A full-featured Option chain with full MetaStock integration
  • Elliott Waves – This technical analysis classic used to be a $299 add-on and now comes standard
  • Marting Pring’s Special K – A time-tested method for identifying emerging sectors in the market cycle
  • Support for Legacy File Format in the Downloader
  • Over a dozen usability enhancements
  • and more
  • Watch a video demo

image of metastock box     image of metastock box


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