Chart not displaying the full history

Version: Metastock 16 an above

You may think you have missing history when you open you chart or it only show the last say 1-3 years.

Metastock has options as to how much history you wish to display in the chart.

  1.  Load default records:  Normally number of days to display.  In this case 250 days – about 1 year that will be displayed on your chart
  2. Load maximum:  Will show up to 20 years history depending on the stock.
  3. Exchange date/time:  Here you can set a date range.

We recommend that you Load default records and choose the number of records (days usually) you wish to display.


X-Axis Properties

The X-axis properties may be loading only back 1-2 years.

From Format the X-Axis, change the dates for Loaded.