Remote Access – AnyDesk

1. Go to the AnyDesk website 2. On the AnyDesk website  you will see this Green Button to download for Windows 3. After downloading,  run and install AnyDesk 4. There will be your unique AnyDesk ID under This Desk. Email WebLink your AnyDesk ID

How to create a template

Templates are a great way to setup your favourite indicators and layouts to apply to other stock charts. Creating a template Open up a chart. Make your changes such as insert an indicator. Then from the File menu select Save As [1]. Provide a File name [2], select the Save […]

How to create a Favourite or WatchList

Create a new Favourite/WatchList Custom List Open a chart Right hand click with your mouse to select Add to Custom List… Select Create New [2] then OK Add a Custom List Name and select Create [3] Then OK [4] How to add to the favourites custom List Open the chart […]

Metastock 17 Backup and Restore User Files

Notes only for Metastock 17 Backup 1) Start MetaStock 2) From File Close All 3) From the File menu then Backup User Files 4) Select a folder to save the files. 5) A ZIP file is created Restore 1)  Extract the compressed zipped folder 2)  Copy the files for each […]

Getting started with Metastock 17.5

Metastock 17.5 – Good but different So you have just installed Metastock 17.5 and wondering  what to do next. A key change is the Power Console and creating custom lists.  Once you master that you will be able to use Metastock effectively. Here are some common questions. How do I […]

WebLink Data API ASX Data Feed

WebLink API Documentation WebLink has a range of APIs in JSON for delayed and live data.  We can also customise the data feed as WebLink is a Level 1 Data Provider of the ASX  with full access to a wide range of data sets. But what we need is… Let […]