Getting Started with Metastock 17

Metastock 17 – Good but different So you have just installed Metastock 17 and wondering  what to do next. A key change is the Power Console and creating custom lists.  Once you master that you will be able to use Metastock effectively. Here are some common questions. How do I […]

Login Expired for the First Time Login

When you first buy Metastock or order an upgrade you need to complete the First Time Login process. This may expire with the message: For security reasons the Welcome to Thomson Reuters process must be completed within a set period. Unfortunately this period has expired. Please refer to your Welcome […]

Install Data Director folders on a different drive

Once you have installed Data Director,  you can modify the default folders to save the Metastock files to another drive. To edit the folder to save your Metastock files – left hand click on the Directory name. Change to your preferred directory for example Drive D: Example using Drive D […]

Chart not displaying the full history

Version: Metastock 16 an above You may think you have missing history when you open you chart or it only show the last say 1-3 years. Metastock has options as to how much history you wish to display in the chart.  Load default records:  Normally number of days to display.  […]

Terms and Conditions

Non Advisory Notice Data Director (Service) from WebLink Systems Pty Ltd provides data services only. It is not intended as investment advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should obtain professional investment advice tailored to your specific circumstances prior to making any investment decisions. You should also […]

Remote Access Download

Download and install Screen Connect To provide permission to temporarily allow remote access, download & run the remote app located at     Click here to download ScreenConnect

Metastock: Missing Stocks

You need to sync the Metastock database with the Data Director database When there is a new stock listing or name change  you need to manually sync the two databases from Metastock 16 and 17.  Metastock 15 has a different process. Data Director already has the changes so you need […]