DataDirector 3.4.1

US Data The number of records in the US database has increased greatly exceeding the memory limits of DataDirector 3.  We have created a new version DataDirector 3.4.1 for US data users.  ASX data users do not need to upgrade. Download Download Data Director 3.4.1 Install After download please install […]

Metastock DataLinkID Credit Card

Change your credit card Login into Lost your password? Go to Account. 3. The select Billing. 4.  Add or modify your Card Information.  Then scroll to the bottom to click Update My Billing Info.  

Windows Version 10/11 22H2

Metastock Announcement Metastock have found that the following versions of MetaStock may not work with the upcoming release of Windows 10/11 version 22H2. MetaStock 12 DC/RT MetaStock 13 DC/RT MetaStock 14 DC/RT MetaStock 15 DC/RT In order to be compatible with these release(s) of Windows 10/11 Version 22H2, Metastock have […]

Metastock 15 Troubleshooting

Windows 10 22H2 – Metastock 15 not open There is an announcement about it here  Currently windows 22H2 can’t work with MetaStock 15. We are working on a patch to to fix it but we don’t know for sure how soon it will be out but hopefully soon. If […]

Great Southern Copper LSE RNS Q4 now using LSE.GSCU LSE compare — Great Southern Copper. I see they only have 2 so far. Q4 new link 20220212 — has categories but seems blank – have asked for list Q4 OLD —   contact — kbi — internal test link — […]

WebLink Temporary Remote Access AnyDesk Short Version

Remote Access Click on this You will see this:  2.Do you see this in the browser?  Click on the 3 dots. 3.Then click on  Downloads 4. Should see this…   5. Click on AnyDesk to install. 6. Then tell me what is Your Address      

Missing History

Metastock Version:15+ The amount of history displayed on a chart is determined by settings for the chart. You can modify the properties for the X-Axis from the Format menu. Then select a date range or Load Maximum. Alternative from the Power Console, Chart when open a stock.  

Metastock Upgrade 18 (from 15-17.5)

Upgrade Prices From MetaStock D/C 17 US$199 (AUD $275+GST) From MetaStock D/C 16 or Prior US$299 (AUD $415+GST) What’s New What next? Please follow the notes below. Do I need to uninstall Metastock first? No…Metastock 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 You do not need to uninstall your Metastock 7, […]