WebLink Hosted Stock Market Solutions

Examples of  WebLink Hosted Modules

Here are are small selection of what is possible with our WebLink Hosted Modules.

Do you have an API?

Our course we have a full API service that you take the data feed and create your own unique tool set. https://datadirector.weblink.com.au/knowledge-base/weblink-data-api/

But we need a different design, layout, colour etc

These are just examples we have done previously.  Yes we customise to be the style and design needed for your website.

Example Modules

  • Per Listed Company  –  one module
    • Display Chart
    • Stock Price Table
    • Latest Announcements

  • All ASX Announcements
    • By year
    • By category
    • Top most current one
  • One module with all announcements

  • One module with top announcements



A small selection of other WebLink Hosted Modules – we can customise/create what is needed to add on

Chart – 25+ styles plus we can customise