Windows Version 10/11 22H2

Metastock Announcement

Metastock have found that the following versions of MetaStock may not work with the upcoming release of Windows 10/11 version 22H2.

MetaStock 12 DC/RT
MetaStock 13 DC/RT
MetaStock 14 DC/RT
MetaStock 15 DC/RT

In order to be compatible with these release(s) of Windows 10/11 Version 22H2, Metastock have released a patch to these versions to allow MetaStock to continue to run. We highly recommend that you update your version of MetaStock to the latest version by visiting and installing the latest update.

We recommend highly that you take the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of MetaStock 18. MetaStock 18 has been very well received. You can see an overview here:

If you choose to upgrade to MetaStock 18, we are happy to offer you upgrade pricing below before 31/12/2022. Simply mention code EOL1122 by contacting WebLink.

MetaStock D/C 12-15 Normally US$299 Offer Price: US$199
MetaStock R/T 12-15 Normally US$399 Offer Price: US$249