Xmaster file has an Invalid ID

Metastock data error Xmater file


Get the customer to untick all databases in DataDirector 3.  Then get the customer to tick one at a time and run an update.  Hopefully with this process it will show which database is causing the problem.


Each directory in a metastock database consists of data files (normally called something like F1.dat, F2.dat etc) and a master file.  The master file lists all the files and associates them with the stock code.


If the Master File becomes corrupted, then the data in that directory has become useless.  This is because, even though the data files are probably ok, they can no longer be linked to their stock codes.  So Metastock can no longer open those codes.


A Master file can be corrupted if a computer fails (example power failure) while a program such as DataDirector3 is updating the Metastock database.


The 2 solutions are:

Rebuild the directory with a new history

  1. Make a backup of C:\shares
  2.  DD3 will then restore it from the server.  However you may lose all the smart charts.  (A smart chart shows the indicators and lines a customer may have drawn for that security).


Restore from backup

  1. Restore the directory from a backup.  DD3 will then update the data for all securities.  In this case, the smart charts will still be there (in the state they were at the time of the backup).  We recommend to customers create backups of the their databases weekly.  The easiest way to do this is to copy their c:\Shares folder to a USB drive.


I assume customer does not have a backup of this database.

In this case,
1. Rename folder c:\Metastock Data\ASX\All Ords” to something else (say “c:\Metastock Data\ASX\All Ords – corrupt”)
2. Run Update for this database again in DD3

DD3 will then recreate this folder and download fresh data into it. The data will be complete however smart charts will be missing. Backup the c:\shares folder once a week.