Setting up Data Director 3 DD3 to download US data

1. Subscribe to US Data 2.Restart DD3 3.Tick which directories you wish to download 4. Metastock 15-17 Setup your Custom List This is required in order to view US data. Power Console: Creating custom lists in Metastock 15 and above to view a chart Folders on your hard drive  

Metastock Upgrade 17.5 (from Metastock 17 Only)

Requirement Required to have Metastock 17 installed for the free upgrade.  If you have earlier versions you are not elegible. Overview MetaStock 17.5 has been released. MetaStock 17.5 is available as a free update to all current MetaStock 17 customers.* We recommend all MetaStock 17 clients take advantage of this […]

Metastock Authentication

Proper configuration compliant with Thomson Reuters Eikon Step1 In Windows search for Internet Options Internet Options. Make sure “Delete Browsing History on Exit” is un-checked. Ensure that the Disk space to use is 250 MB or more.   Step 2 Click on Security tab then Trusted Sites. Set the security […]

Reinstalling Metastock

Uninstall Metastock Search on Add Remove from Windows. You will see below popup on your computer.  Click on Add or Remove programs. A list of Apps will appear under Apps & features. Scroll down and click on Metastock DC. It will expand, then click Uninstall.   Follow the prompts to […]

Metastock Troubleshooting

Not a valid Metastock file If you find some stocks, not all, show an error of Not a valid Metastock file it may mean a corrupted template.  Try opening the stock using the CLEAN.MWT template.  If no error, then the stock data file is valid.  Next create a new template […]

My Metastock database has not updated for a while

When I open a chart in Metastock it is not up-to-date This will be related to the DataDirector3 programme that downloads the daily stock data Check the settings for DataDirector3 It is possible that if your data subscription expired that the Download settings for DataDirector3 will be disabled.  These need […]

Getting Started with Metastock 17

Metastock 17 – Good but different So you have just installed Metastock 17 and wondering  what to do next. A key change is the Power Console and creating custom lists.  Once you master that you will be able to use Metastock effectively. Here are some common questions. How do I […]