Data Director 3 Installation

Data Director 3 Download Data Director 3 DD3 ver Downloading and Installing Data Director  Select the desired download option above.  A window asking you to either Run or Save will appear.  Choose Save to Disk.  Save the file to either My Documents (Windows XP) or Downloads (Windows 7/8/10) and […]

Data Director 3: Moving to another computer

Paritech Data Director 3: Moving to another computer You have just bought a new computer and what to move your Data Director 3 to the new computer. Option 1: Install Data Director 3 The quickest way is to install Data Director 3 on the new computer.  This will enable you […]

Data Director 3 – Lost tick boxes

Sometimes  when the account is reset the preferred settings of which stocks to download are lost.  The question is what were the previous settings. You will notice the Directory column is the actual folders on your hard disk. Open up your File Explorer to view the directory. The C:\shares directory […]

Metastock 17 What’s New

Should I upgrade my Metastock 7,8, 9,10 or 11? You may have an earlier version prior to Metastock 15. You have been using for years and familiar with how it works. Understandably, there is a learning curve with any new version. However, these earlier versions can no longer be installed […]