Metastock 18 Features

Next-Level Charting

One of the core values of MetaStock is the ability to represent data in a fast, friendly, effective manner – on a chart. With Next-Level Charting in MetaStock 18, you can view the data you want to see just how you want to see it. Customizable, sensible, easy-to-read, logical charts. Watch the Video

Indicator Updates

Our users wanted more from their indicators and how they can customize them. MetaStock 18 is just what they ordered. The customizability is nearly endless. From a set of new plot styles including Stepped Line, Filled Line, Stepped Filled Line, Dot, and Histogram to a range of customizations including colors, shading, and filling between envelope lines (like Bollinger Bands). To top that off we made sure all the indicator values now plot in the title bar as well. Watch the Video

Drawing Tools Updates

MetaStock has a rich selection of drawing tools and users have come to rely on these time-tested tools. We wanted to make them even better. We’ve added features like the ability to measure performance within a trend and the ability to save defaults and your settings in drawing tools. Now you can customize and save all your drawing tool settings. These along with many other clever features will enhance your MetaStock experience. Watch the Video

Power Console Updates

At the heart of MetaStock is the Power Console. Now you can get what you need faster with the enhanced searching capabilities which allow you to locate an instrument’s folder by searching for either the name or the symbol. In addition, a dedicated favorites tab for your top explorations and tests, enhanced scan and test name search, and the ability to minimize the data display range round out the MetaStock 18 Power Console’s new functionality. Watch the Video

OptionScope Enhancements

Option Traders Love the convenience and power of OptionScope. The Enhanced OptionScope in MetaStock 18 was designed to give you an improved view of what is important when trading options –Risk and Sentiment. With the Options Sentiment viewer, you can view where the market interest is in the options you are interested in. You can view both open interest and volume. You can even zoom in on the top traded options, no problem. Watch the Video

QuoteCenter Enhancements

Introduced in MetaStock 17, QuoteCenter has become the standard for list management. MetaStock 18 offers a new Gainers/Losers bar so you can see at a glance how your account or list is performing. Watch the Video

And Much More

We can’t cover all the new features here. Make sure to watch the “What’s New in MetaStock 18 Video” for a comprehensive look at all the features and how they can help you and your trading.

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