Getting started with Metastock

Metastock 18 – Good but different

So you have just installed Metastock 18 and wondering  what to do next.

A key change is the Power Console and creating custom lists.  Once you master that you will be able to use Metastock effectively.

Here are some common questions.

  • How do I open a chart?  File/Open as used in the older versions of Metasock does not allow you to open a chart.  You need to create a Custom List before you can open a chart.
  • Where are my favourites?  Unfortunately they are not carried across. However the good news is you can use the new Power Console to create Custom Lists and create one as your favourites.
  • How do I connect Metastock to DataDirector3?  Once again, is this is  done with the Power Console and Custom Lists.
  • Is there a User Guide?  Yes a detailed guide of 137 pages. User Guide: Unleash The Power Of MetaStock

What’s New

What’s new in Metastock 17.5

Learn about Metastock 18 Power Console to view charts

If you are upgrading from an early version such as 8,9,10 then there is a new feature to create lists to view charts called Power Console. Here are some notes:

Creating custom lists in Metastock 15 and above to view a chart

Missing stocks from the Power Console. How do I add newly listed stock and update name changes in my Local Data List?

Metastock User Guide: Power of Metastock

137 Pages of how to use Metastock.  Good to browse for an overview.

Download User Guide: Unleash The Power Of MetaStock

Power of Metastock Video

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