Metastock Upgrade: What to do once you receive your email on upgrading

What next?

Now that you have ordered Meatstock 17, there are a number of steps to install and setup your Custom Lists in the Powewr Console.  Please follow the notes below.

Can I still use my Metastock 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 on the same machine?

It you are installing Metastock 17 on the same machine as an older version such as Metastock 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 you can still use both while you get up to speed with Metastock 17.

You can only run one version at a time so be sure to close one before opening the other.

Can I still use Metastock 15 and 16 with Metastock 17?

Metastock 15 and 16 will be upgraded to Metastock 17.  Hence Metastock 15 and 16 will no longer be available. Your indicators etc will be carried across.

I have my own templates and indicators, can I still use those?

There is a migration utility that converts various files.  Yes Indicators , Explorations and Templates are migrated.

What is not migrated from the old version?

  • Smart Charts  – you need to save each one as template to be able to upgrade
  • Layouts – not converted
  • Favourites – unfortunately they are no converted.  As you still can run the older version, note what is in you Favourites and create a new Custom List in the Power Console.

Please complete the Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 in order to avoid problems with login passwords.

STEP 1 Login to

This is your EMAIL ADDRESS(It is not the DataDirector3 ID)

Lost Password

You will need a User ID (your email address) and Password to download the upgrade. This is different to your Data Director 3 User ID.  Normally the User ID is setup by Metastock US.  If you have no password then use the lost password option on

  1.  Type in your email address .
  2. Click on Forgot Password.

An email will be sent to you to create a new password.

STEP 2 Required: Complete the First Time Login process.  You MUST complete this step FIRST before downloading Metastock otherwise your password will be invalid.

Go to you Mydownload  Or if have logged in already  click on Accounts and My Downloads

After you login under the Attention heading click on the link for First Time Login.

You will be prompted to change your password and go through a short survey.  It does not affect your account.

STEP 3 Required: Subscribe to Metastock DataLink Maintenance ID  – required to login into Metastock Offline

Metastock 15,16,17+ require an annual US$10 subscription for support and maintenance before you can run Metastock offline with Data Director 3.  You will need a credit card.  This is paid to Metastock US.  If you already have a DataLink ID, there is no need to do again.

1.Tick Metastock Mainentance ID

2. Select Bill me every Year

3. Then Activate Now!

To see your DataLink ID

Login to your download area

Then on the right had side scroll down to:

STEP4 Downloading Metastock 17 Upgrade

Have you completed the First Time Login above?  You must do this first otherwise your password will be invalid.

You will see this heading.

Then download and install Metastock17 End of Day.

There is no need to download the Downloader as you use DataDarector3

Start Metastock in Offline Mode

You need to start Metastock in Offline Mode as you are using local data – DataDirector3.

If you get a message to Remove Metastock DC it is OK to remove.  It does not remove Metastock 7, 8, 10, 11.  Then you need start the installation again.

Getting started with Metastock 17

If you are upgrading from an early version such as 8,9,10 then there is a new feature to create lists to view charts called Power Console. Here are some notes:

Getting started with Metastock

Creating custom lists in Metastock 15 and above to view a chart

Missing stocks from the Power Console. How do I add newly listed stock and update name changes in my Local Data List?

Missing stocks from the Power Console. How do I add newly listed stock and update name changes in my Local Data List?

Metastock User Guide: Power of Metastock

137 Pages of how to use Metastock.  Good to browse for an overview.

User Guide: Unleash The Power Of MetaStock

Power of Metastock Video

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