Metastock Upgrade: What to do once you receive your email on upgrading

Login to download Metastock 17 Upgrade

You will need a User ID and Password to download the upgrade. This is different to your Data Director 3 User ID.  Normally the User ID is setup by Metastock US.  If you have no password then use the lost password option on

Sign online the User Agreement

IMPORTANT: complete the First Time Login process.

After you login and signed teh agreement – please go to Paragraph 2 and click on the link for First Time Login.

Subscribe to Metastock DataLink

Metastock 15,16,17+ require an annual US$10 subscription for support and maintenance before you can run Metastock offline with Data Director 3.

Downloading Metastock 17 Upgrade

Start Metastock in Offline Mode

You need to start Metastock in Offline Mode as you are using local data – Data Director 3.

Learn about Metastock 17 Power Console to view charts

If you are upgrading from an early version such as 8,9,10 then there is a new feature to create lists to view charts called Power Console. Here are some notes:

Getting started with Metastock